Course development motives: Basing on the requests of shipowners the introduction of modern ship power plants of electronic devices, programmable controllers, computer and integrated microprocessor systems cause urgent need for additional training of marine engineers and electrical engineers. Moreover the focus of requests is not only on the their training as general users of various automation system devices but also as qualified engineers with deep knowledge of the principles of configuration, adjustment, fault detection and restore automation devices as it is required by the standards of engineer officers competence adopted by the 2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention.
In this regard we receive requests for conducting the training with different aims and objectives among which are the most frequent are:
1. Practice skills related to operation of automated heat and electrical power complex structure systems (which are typical for such vessels as LCC, passenger ships etc.) or Engine Team and Resource Management;
2. Practice skills related to maintenance and repair, including programming of programmable logic controllers PLC and local automation electronic devices or Engine Automation;
3. Practice skills related to operation, maintenance and repair, including programming of integrated microprocessor systems type of SCADA etc.;
4. Operation and maintenance of microprocessor sets designed for AC thyristor electric drives control.
In order to deal with these and such like tasks specified by the shipowners our Centre has the modern simulators and laboratory equipment fitted with real microprocessor systems, controllers, industry control panels, diesel-generators and their switchgears and protection devices including vacuum contactors, automatic breakers and controllers of high voltage parts of main switchboard.
Courses conducted using a full mission Power Plant simulator.