Main Engine Automation System (RT-flex Control System WECS-9520)

Course level       advanced

Teaching language  Ukrainian

Course objective   Acquiring knowledge of engine automation systems configuration and operation and skills in system adjustment, faults diagnostics, faulty units replacement.

Course content

  • Automation systems of marine diesel engines
  • Engine automation systems configuration. Classification societies requirements
  • Schematic diagrams of electrical and electronic components of engine automation systems
  • Control principles, opetational processes and control parameters 
  • Pressure, temperature, speed and position sensors, voltage and current transformers in automation systems
  • Protection functions of automation systems
  • Control devices and means in automation systems
  • Actuators
  • Maintenance, diagnostics and repair of electrical and electronic equipment of engine automation systems

Entry requirements  All course participants must have marine engineering education and practical shipboard experience

Number of participants    4-6

Course duration  5 working days