Bridge Team and Resource Management (BTRM)

Certification: DNV-GL approved.
Course level: advanced.
Teaching language: Ukrainian, English.

Course objective: acquiring and updating knowledge and slills in ship handling by means of good officers cooperation in bridge team.
Course content:

  • BTRМ principles and team work management features.
  • Preparation and fulfilling of Passage Planning (P.P.) on 4 phases.
  • Adequate response on dangerous and critical situations.
  • Instructions execution reliability and stuff competence.
  • Safe shipping, including: instructions effectiveness, supervision, communication and control.
  • Control principles: clarity of aim,  effectiveness of management, motivation.
  • Bridge resourses: level of control, navigation system capabilities, ergonomics and good design.
  • Bridge safety management: management according to ISM, fatigue prevention, master’s orders, watchkeeping management, main engine operation mode.
    Entry requirements: all course participants must have basic knowledge of ship manoeuvring. 
    Number of participants: 4-6.
    Course duration: 5 working days.