Certification: DNV-GL approved

Course level: basic
Teaching language: Russian, English
Course objective: Acquiring knowledge and practical skills in work with electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS)

Course content:
This course corresponds to the requirements of chapters А-II/1, А-II/2, B-I/12 STCW Code in part of navigation officers training on the use of electronic chart display and information systems, IMO Resolution MSC.232(82) and IMO Model Course 1.27 «Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)». Basic chapters of the course are:

  • International and national standards for electronic cartography. Basic types of electronic charts
  • ECDIS operation principles. ECDIS errors and limitations. Antivirus programs
  • Typical ECDIS tasks solving methods
  • Changeover planning and preliminary laying with ECDIS
  • Data representation setting on electronic chart (EC) in different navigation conditions
  • Selecting and setting the monitoring alarm in different navigation conditions. Traffic monitoring
  • Navigation methods and methods of providing navigational safety using ECDIS, interfaced with AIS and ARPA
  • Solving of special navigation tasks using ECDIS
  • EC correction
  • Operation in integrated medium. Sensors adjustment and verification. ECDIS configuration
  • The use of charts created by user
  • Itinerarys log. Electronic logbook. Records playback and its use when incidents investigation
  • ISM procedures. Equipment manuals, procedures and certification requirements
  • ECDIS advantages and limitations, ECDIS effective use recommendations

Entry requirements: Participant must have basic skills in work with PC, otherwise he/she must pass approved computer training with duration of not less than 16 hours.
Number of participants: 4-6
Course duration: 5 working days