The course can be taken both at Pasteur, 16, Odessa, office 114 and online. Registration for the course is carried out in office 114 Inspector Elena Aleksandrovna, tel. +380978694830.

According to IMO regulation and requirements.
Course levels - Polar Water Basic (PWB), Polar Water Advanced (PWA), Polar Water Basic For All Crew (PWBFC)
The language of instruction is English.
The aim of this course is to provide for seafarers general information about safe navigation in ice conditions.

 Preparatory training for ice navigation is intended for all categories of ship personnel and other professionals who do not have experience in winter conditions.
     Simulator training for ice navigation for captains of ships, ships mates, pilots, superintendents of companies, VTS operators includes theoretical and simulator training under the guidance of experienced instructors. Masters of icebreakers, pilots, representatives of the headquarters of ice operations take part in the classes. A new version of the ice simulator, coupled with the simulator of the engine room, allows you to practice practical skills in ice. The training program includes the following sections:

  • navigation characteristics of ice, reading of ice maps;
  • preparation of the vessel for navigation in ice conditions, safety during operation of the vessel in ice conditions;
  • communication with the icebreaker, independent navigation in ice;
  • maneuvering with icebreakers and tugs in ice conditions;
  • mooring operations using tugs in ice conditions;
  • features of ice navigation;
  • elements of interaction between the bridge team and the engine room.

     Classrooms are specially equipped for training with simulator of a full-mission navigation bridge NTPro 5000 manufactured by the company "Transas".
     The software package of this simulator accurately simulates the ice conditions and effects of the vessel's interaction with ice, allowing to prepare for navigation in ice conditions in accordance with the requirements of the International Convention on STCW, taking into account the 2010 Manila amendments.

     NTPro 5000 navigation simulator of the Transas Group is designed to improve the skills of vessel handling in conditions of low temperatures (below 0 ° C) and / or ice cover, including the skills to safely operate the vessel's equipment and receive ice information to ensure safety of navigation in winter time, including conditions of ice navigation.

  • analysis of the received information on weather and ice conditions;route planning for passages in ice areas;handling and maneuvering of the vessel in cold climatic / ice conditions;
  • risk assessment of icing of the vessel;
  • Ship handling in different ice navigation circumstances;
  • port operations in frozen ports.

After course completion the navigator will be able to demonstrate ability:

  • To Interpretate ice and meteorological data and formulate a situation appraisal and risk analysis for passage planning; To determinate the specific maneuvering strategies necessary for ice transit;
  • To appreciate the benefits and hazards of icebreaker assistance and convoy operations;To recognize, evaluate, and control the damage and consequential pollution;
  • To understand the International Vessel Ice classification and outline the basic strengthening methods for vessels;
  • To understand the Ice Regimes;
  • To maneuvering and operate independently in Ice;
  • To understand the effects of extreme low temperatures.

Requirements for TRAINEES – students (PWB), (PWA) = Every candidate who wants to pass this course, must have Marine engineering education - NAVIGATOR.

Number of trainees: for PWB and PWA 4 - 6;
for PWBFC nolimitation.

The duration of the course: PWB - 32 hours;
                                       PWA - 32 hours;
                                       PWBFC - 16 hours.