A dynamic positioning system is a system that automatically controls a ship to maintain its position and course exclusively through the active use of ship propulsion. To operate a vessel equipped with a dynamic positioning system, obtaining certificates is required.
Our center is accredited by The Nautical Institute to train DP operators.

Classes are held in specially equipped classrooms and on the simulator of a full-scale navigation bridge. The training of operators of dynamic ship positioning systems (DPO), in accordance with the NI scheme, is carried out in 4 stages:

  • Dynamic Positioning Induction course (DPI) - Duration of five days (Mon-Fri) is held every week. Beginning of classes at 10.00 audience 108. It is advisable to have a notebook with 10 GB of free memory for installing training programs. At the end of the course, students receive an OMTC certificate of completion of the DPI course and the Dynamic Positioning Watchkeeping Log Book of the Nautical Institute.

  • The introductory course on board a vessel with a DP class is a minimum of 30 days, internships are recorded in a logbook signed by the captain.

  • Dynamic Positioning Simulator course (DPA) - duration five days (Mon-Fri), classes start at 10.00, audience 108. Classes are held on a full-scale simulator of the ship’s bridge (room 113) equipped with a real DP2 dynamic positioning system. At the end of the course, students receive an OMTC certificate of completion of the DPA course and are recorded in the logbook.

  • The practice of "Dynamic Positioning Watchkeeping" on board a vessel lasting 6 months. The practice is recorded in the logbook signed by the captain. At the end of the practice, the captain in the logbook gives a conclusion on the suitability of the candidate to keep an independent watch on board the DP vessel. Upon a positive conclusion, the candidate sends to NI a logbook with a cover letter for issuing the certificate "The Dynamic Positioning Operators Certificate".

    The only restriction on the preparation time is the time period from the moment you receive the logbook to the certificate of DPO, should be no more than 5 years, otherwise you will have to repeat the training from the DPA course.